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A Cushings Disease (hyperadrenocorticism) resource for dogs, cats, horses, and humans wishing to learn more about the signs, symptoms, and treatment for this very frustrating and emotional battle with cortisol.

Thank you for visiting. We realize it can be very frustrating searching for answers especially if this is your first experience with Cushings. Our goal is to educate and put your mind at ease and give you hope and support in a time of frustration. We suggest you first start off by reading the article "Cushings Disease: Why Now?" Otherwise you may be interested in reading the personal diaries of other folks who have experience with Cushings.

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Here you can read about other peoples experiences with Cushings. Please know that while there are many happy and encouraging stories, there are also some that will be sad to read. Every experience is another opportunity to learn from. We are actively working on a large database to organize all the diary stories.

Cushings dogDear Diary: Do you remember the children's book called The Poky Little Puppy? Well that's what my dog, Oddjob, reminds me of (he's a flavor of Boxer, Corgi, and Dalmatian). He steals hearts with his amusing personality and incredible intelligence usually only seen in other breeds. And much to the amusement of humans he also pokes everything with his nose, much as a human would do with their hand to explore or get attention. It's quite entertaining. He was adopted from a high kill county shelter in N. Carolina at the age of 4 months. He wasn't the dog I initially intended on adopting (I was hoping for a Dutch Shepherd mix), this was a case of the dog choosing the human which makes the bond even more special. After visiting various animal shelters over a 2 month period, he was finally THE ONE.
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Dear Diary: Equine Cushings Disease I have been riding horses since the age of 7, and finally at the age of 35 bought my first horse at a local benefit auction in Pennsylvania. As you can imagine your first owned horse is very memorable, they are such noble loving creatures that can peer into your very soul. Gregg the horse at the age of 16 was diagnosed with Cushings Disease. We knew something was wrong after witnessing increased thirst and over a bit of time a loss in muscle. Our fears were confirmed after a blood sample was taken and tests run on it.

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Cushings in cats is rather rare so we do not yet have any user submitted cat stories. If you have one, please share it with the Cushings community by submitting your story. Thank you!

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Whether your story takes place in the past or present, for better or worse, your story will help make a positive difference to the Cushings community.

You can tell your story however you want, be sure to include helpful information such as if you chose homeopathy and acupuncture or did you chose traditional treatment such as using the drugs Anipryl (l-deprenyl, selegiline), Trilostane (Vetoryl), Mitotane (Lysodren), or Ketoconazole? What did the vet suggest after the ACTH stim test or low dose dexamethasone suppression test? Was a T4 (Total Thyroxine) test done, if so what were the results? What symptoms were being displayed? This is just an example of topics you might want to cover, it's up to you.
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Cushings Diary for cushingoid dogs, cats, horses, and humans dealing with Cushings Disease and cushings syndrome

K9 Canine Cushings Disease dog photo

Interesting Facts

Cushings Disease is most common in dogs, and is mostly seen in middle and senior aged dogs. Pituitary gland tumors are more commonly found than adrenal gland tumors.

Approximately ten out of every million humans are diagnosed with Cushings Disease.

In horses it is referred to as ECD, Equine Cushings Disease.

Cushings Disease, while not seen as often in cats, is more likely to affect females than males and diabetes is commonly diagnosed along with it.


Did you know....

"Cushings Disease is the most common endocrine disorder in older dogs. It's important that people are aware that while there is no cure (yet) the condition IS treatable and many more happy years can be had with their beloved pet."

You love your pet, they are part of your family. It's important that you do research on this condition so that you can make informed decisions for your specific case instead of relying on a vet that may give canned answers, misdiagnose, and may not always have your best interests in mind.

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