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Cushings disease seems to strike at the most random times and happens to the best of humans and our beloved pets. It's mostly seen in older animals but there are many cases of it happening to young and middle aged pets. It's unpredictable, there is nothing that you did wrong to cause it. It is a random condition that can happen to any of us or our pets.

The moment you start noticing symptoms it's time to make an appointment with a veterinarian. The most common fist symptom seen is increased thirst (Polydipsia) and the resulting increased urination (Polyuria), although this can be the result of other issues (diabetes, kidney challenges, thyroid imbalance, electrolye imbalance, etc) so it's important to get it checked out. You know your pet best, when something isn't "normal" it's time to get it check out. Veterinary Clinic

It's important that you make an appointment with a vet knowledgeable with Cushings syndrome and the treatment of Cushings disease. Don't be afraid to ask questions, some vets are rushed and can cause confusion during this already stressful time for us by using medical terminology we aren't familiar with and even worse some have been known to use scare tactics in order to increase your vet bill.

There are many great vets out there with intelligence and genuine love for each and every animal they see, do your research before chosing one. Make sure all your questions are answered, and if money isn't tight it can be beneficial to get a second opinion because every vet has different opinions on the type of treatment that should be used. Every Cushings case is different and your pet should be given customized care. Also make sure that your chosen vet is willing to write prescriptions for you so that you can buy medication from other vet pharmacies, this alone can literally save you $50-$100 a month in medication costs.

Treatment Options

This is a personal choice, some people prefer traditional treatment and others prefer the more natural (and typically more expensive) approach of holistic / homeopathic care, and others strike a fine balance between both treatment types by giving their pet a traditional pharmaceutical drug but then also supplement their diet with vitamins and herbs and even accupuncture sessions to keep their pet in the best condition possible.


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Interesting Facts

Cushings Disease is most common in dogs, and is mostly seen in middle and senior aged dogs. Pituitary gland tumors are more commonly found than adrenal gland tumors.

Approximately ten out of every million humans are diagnosed with Cushings Disease.

In horses it is referred to as ECD, Equine Cushings Disease.

Cushings Disease, while not seen as often in cats, is more likely to affect females than males and diabetes is commonly diagnosed along with it.

Did you know....

"Cushings Disease is the most common endocrine disorder in older dogs. It's important that people are aware that while there is no cure (yet) the condition IS treatable and many more happy years can be had with their beloved pet."