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Our main goal is to provide an educational web resource on Cushings Disease. Many people are not aware of the different treatment options or what to expect when their pet is diagnosed with Cushings. This site gives life stories and experiences so that pet owners can make better decisions in the care for their beloved pet.

We've been down the Cushings road...

We have personal experience with Cushings Disease and know that it can be a very emotional and frustrating time. We volunteer our time in the hopes of helping others. You want to do what About Cushings Diary (canine, feline, equine, human)is best for your pet. Your vet says one thing, you read various articles, a friend suggests something else, and before you know it you are pulling your hair out not knowing what you should do next. The most important thing to remember is that YOU know your pet best. You know his or her normal behaviors and eating/drinking patterns, you are the voice for your pet. You know when something isn't right, and when a specific treatment is making a positive change or if it's time to try a new treatment. There is no "one size fits all" treatment, what works great in one dog may not in another.

During our adventures with Cushings Disease we have laughed, cried, had bursts of great hope, been extremely stressed, frustrated, wondered how such an evil disease could be allowed to harm such innocent creatures, spent a ton of time researching, and spent even more in vet bills, medications, and special diets. We KNOW it's a rough road that will test you to the very core and turn your life upside down at times. But we also know there's hope in most cases to extend your pets quality of life many more months or years.

Your furface friend deserves a happy comfortable life, and it's up to you to provide that for them. They ask for so little from us but give us unconditional love in return. If the situation were reversed you can bet your pet would do everything they could to keep you around with a good quality of life.

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Interesting Facts

Cushings Disease is most common in dogs, and is mostly seen in middle and senior aged dogs. Pituitary gland tumors are more commonly found than adrenal gland tumors.

Approximately ten out of every million humans are diagnosed with Cushings Disease.

In horses it is referred to as ECD, Equine Cushings Disease.

Cushings Disease, while not seen as often in cats, is more likely to affect females than males and diabetes is commonly diagnosed along with it.

Did you know....

"Cushings Disease is the most common endocrine disorder in older dogs. It's important that people are aware that while there is no cure (yet) the condition IS treatable and many more happy years can be had with their beloved pet."